The APS School
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APS Kotli
           APS Kotli was established on 1st April 1999 and affiliated with Federal Government Education Institutions (Cantonment / Garrison) Directorate. It aims at imparting quality education to the children of military and civilian personnels residing in and a
APS Bhimber
 APSACS Bmr over a pd of 16 years has come up as the most prestigious institution of the Bhimber dist. APSACS was estb in 1994 with a humble number of students near the Sta Offrs Mess. Present building was constructed in three phases i.e  Ist phase was completed in 2000 and  Middle
APS Barnala
APS Barnala
Army Public School is a prestigious institution of Jalal Pur Jattan. Brigadier Shahid Iqbal established this institution in April 2000. The School started its classes from Nursery to Grade V in a hired accommodation at Karianwala Road. Initially due to lack of accommodation, only one hundred and
APS Nikial
APS Nikial was estb in commemoration of Nk Saif Ali Shaheed (HK), who embraced Shahadat at Pir Kaleva on 26 Oct 1948. He is son of the soil and belongs to Nikial. He was awarded HK, later on it was declared equivalent to NH, the highest mil award. This school was estb initially as a primary sch
APS Samani
Keeping in view the educational need of fwd area locals the decision to estb an APS in Samani Valley was made by the competent auths in recent past. Decision was warmly welcomed by the locals of the Samahni Valley. Inauguration ceremony of school was held on 19 Sep 2011 in which the Maj Gen Sajja
APS Khoi Ratta
             APS Khuiratta was conceived to provide qlty edn to the locals of Khuiratta thereby, helping the Kashmiri youth to acquire deep roots with Pakistani ideology/aspiration. It was aimed at an imp facet of WHAM campaign by providing state of art